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A View from the Top:

By Kathy Longo, CFP®, CAP®, CDFA

Monday, 30 January 2017

A View from the Top:

Finding the path through life's transitions

The Sherpas of Nepal spend their days guiding eager and daring travelers up the treacherous paths of Mount Everest and other peaks of the Himalayas. What they have witnessed in a month is likely more terrifying than what most of us have experienced in a lifetime. And yet, they continue on. Day in and day out, acting as guides to thousands of visitors per year. I admire these Sherpas. Although the paths are dangerous and they will undoubtedly encounter countless obstacles, the ability to embrace the uncertainty that the peaks of the Himalayas hold is part of their life, their livelihood, and their nature.

When it comes to major transitions in our own lives we might pause to take a lesson from the Sherpas. They do not seek to remove themselves from the challenges they face. Rather, they square up and get through, finding the most navigable solution in order to arrive safely on the other side (or to the summit, as it were).

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