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Kathy Longo founded Flourish Wealth Management as a woman-owned business in 2014. Kathy was inspired to start her own business early in her career while working for a female wealth manager and entrepreneur. She then gained experience working at firms both large and small in the Chicago and Minneapolis areas before launching Flourish Wealth Management. Kathy made the bold decision to start her own firm with a vision of genuinely improving each of her clients’ lives, helping them understand their unique money story and values, gain confidence in talking about money with loved ones, and plan for the life of their dreams.

Flourish Wealth Management embodies the fruition of Kathy’s dream by building off a strong foundation of insight and experience. As an independent boutique wealth management firm, Flourish offers comprehensive wealth management services for individuals and families. Kathy and her team have the expertise to provide financial advice for women and their families, particularly women in transition such as a divorce, loss of a spouse or recent inheritance, tapping into what’s most important to them and empowering them to take control of their financial future.

Kathy created a firm where employees have the opportunity to embrace their passion for helping people and grow personally and professionally in their career and as part of the Flourish team. At Flourish, we believe in growing and sharing our expertise through a culture of education and continuous learning within our team; this knowledge creates and develops new opportunities for our team and improves the lives of our clients as we help them successfully navigate through the many planned and unexpected transitions in life.

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