Meet Our President & Founder

Kathy Longo

President & Founder

Kathy Longo brings over 25 years of expertise and experience to Flourish Wealth Management. Kathy is wholly dedicated to improving the life of each client and finds joy in making complex matters simple and easy to understand. She excels at asking the right questions, uncovering new possibilities and implementing the most advantageous strategies for success. Playing such a pivotal role in her clients’ lives remains an honor and a privilege. After earning a degree in Financial Planning and Counseling from Purdue University, she began her career at a small firm in Palatine, Illinois where she worked directly with clients while learning to build a viable, client-centric business. Over the years, she gained extensive knowledge and wisdom working as a wealth manager, financial planner, firm manager and business owner at notable, various sized companies in both Chicago and Minneapolis.

Meet the Flourish Team

Joseph (Joey) Fenwick, CPA


Joseph (Joey) Fenwick brings a strong background as an accountant to his role as Wealth Manager at Flourish Wealth Management. He joined the firm as a reflection of his long-term goal to enter the financial planning profession because it fully aligns with the opportunity to help clients in a holistic manner. Joey was an Accounting and Finance dual major at St. Cloud State University which positioned him to begin his career at Curtis D. Sharp, Ltd. as a staff accountant where he also earned the Certified Public Accountant (CPA) license. 

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Stephanie Temporiti


Stephanie brings a wealth of experience and expertise to Flourish. An important area of emphasis for Stephanie is to help clients and their families navigate key life transitions, including job changes, marriages, and divorces. She has helped clients successfully transition to retirement and embrace the shift in mindset from accumulating wealth over their lifetimes to spending their wealth in pursuit of what matters most to them. Stephanie and the Flourish team work alongside clients to identify their retirement goals, design a plan to accomplish those goals, and continually monitor the client’s plan to keep the odds of long-term success in the clients’ favor.

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Jay E. Pluimer, AIF®, CIMA®

Director of Investments

Jay Pluimer brings over 25 years of experience working with Investment Committees and individual investors to Flourish Wealth Management. He has built a career focused on investment research, client conversations about investments, and building diversified portfolios to help clients accomplish their goals. As Director of Investments, Jay is passionate about the opportunity to deliver individualized investment solutions for our clients that help align their resources and goals.

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Kate Mueller

Client Services Associate

Kate Mueller has fully embraced the team structure at Flourish Wealth Management that is focused on delivering personalized client relationships. She enjoys the opportunity to meet with clients and colleagues while working as a team to support the long-term success of the clients. Kate is originally from Chamberlain, South Dakota, and moved to the Twin Cities after completing her degree at the University of Nebraska, Lincoln. 

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Grant Shaffer, CSRIC®

Associate Wealth Manager

Grant joined Flourish Wealth Management as an Associate Wealth Manager on a full-time basis in 2022. He originally joined the Investment Team in 2020 as an intern, followed by additional experience as a Senior Resident working with the Wealth Management Team. Grant is excited to gain additional experience and expertise in the wealth management industry with in-depth exposure to our holistic financial planning process. He joined Flourish after graduating from the University of Wisconsin Eau-Claire with a double major in Finance and Information Systems.

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Miranda Libra

Executive Administrative Assistant

Miranda Libra joined Flourish Wealth Management to resume her passion for working with clients in the Financial Services industry. She started her professional career at an independent wealth management firm and enjoyed the experience earned working in other industries over the past few years. Miranda was excited to see the career opportunity at Flourish because it was a chance to work in Financial Services again, join a team focused on growth, and have the opportunity to support a woman-owned business. 

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