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At Flourish Wealth Management we want to learn about you! It’s helpful to start with a phone call where we can learn about your goals and share how a wealth management relationship can help you achieve those goals.

During this call, we can determine a convenient time for you to schedule your Discovery Meeting which is the opportunity to learn more about each other and work on determining whether Flourish Wealth Management can assist you in achieving your financial goals.

This Discovery Meeting is focused on learning all about your life, so we can fully understand your goals. This is where we ask vital questions about values, interests, principal relationships, primary advisors, and overall financial resources. We will explore the transitions that you are currently experiencing and those you anticipate in the future.

From here we would share a proposal on how we might work together. Anticipating that we are a good fit as a trusted advisor, we would enter into an Advisory Agreement and work towards The Flourish Experience where we listen, ask thought-provoking questions that discover the emotions, unique history, fears and behaviors that form one’s money beliefs. With this knowledge, we collaborate to align values and priorities, establish meaningful financial and life goals, and maximize both personal and financial resources so our clients can live the best possible life.

ARE YOU READY TO FLOURISH FINANCIALLY? Flourish Financially: Values, Transitions, and Big Conversations

Flourish Financially: Values, Transitions, and Big Conversations

The right financial plan isn’t just about the money—it is a reflection of what you value most, and it’s a path to fulfillment. Flourish Financially will help you start productive conversations about money with those closest to you in order to create a plan that is best for everyone.

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