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There are many important financial stages in life, ranging from building wealth to laying out plans for spending it. Our planning is customized to the distinct needs of individuals and families. Clients deserve more than a one-size-fits-all approach. Instead, we believe planning should reflect the unique values, resources and goals of each individual or family.

At Flourish Wealth Management, our experience results in expertly designed financial strategies that adeptly address pressing life challenges, such as how to:
  • Fund children’s college education and still plan for retirement
  • Know if investments are appropriate to reach goals
  • Plan for unexpected events such as disability or death
  • Retire with the appropriate amount of assets
  • Determine the right amount of assets to leave for children
  • Ensure a legacy to leave behind for heirs or charity
  • Share wealth with multiple generations of family
  • Minimize tax burden
  • Create trusts to protect assets
  • Establish health care directives, power of attorney, guardians and trustees
We work with each client to meet these challenges by setting goals and identifying the planning opportunities that help ensure success in each stage of life.

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