Corporate Earnings and Market Bubbles

The term “market bubble” is getting a lot of attention in recent headlines, but the fundamentals of the U.S. economy are very good at the moment. Thursday, 11 November 2021

You’ve probably seen the recent headlines asking whether the market is in a bubble, and this strikes fear in many investors. After all, most remember the 2008-2009 burst during the Great Recession, and the quick transition from an all-time high to losses of over 30% in early 2020 with the Coronavirus. These memories make the term “market bubble” especially terrifying, and some capitalize on the fear associated with it to get the public’s attention -- even though the fundamentals of the U.S. market are very good at the moment. There has been a gain of more than 25% this year, due to a supportive Federal Reserve and rebounding consumer spending, both of which directly support strong corporate earnings. We’ll examine what it all means in this episode reflecting on our post-Covid economy. 

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