Discipline in Good and Bad Markets

Jay Pluimer, AIF® CIMA® Monday, 10 October 2016

Discipline in Good and Bad Markets

When the markets are relatively stable with no crisis on the horizon, whatever is the financial media to do? It comes up with headlines like: "It's Getting Scarily Quiet in the Stock Market" and "The Stock Market Is Quiet. Too Quiet".

Even when the stock market is humming along nicely (as it was in August), there's still pressure to act - often in a way that's contrary to your best interests. Although the fear of losing what you already have is real, successful investing requires discipline in good times and in bad times.

Over-optimism in a rising market can be as dangerous as unfounded over-pessimism in a market decline. It's all about keeping discipline over your emotions.

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Jay Pluimer, AIF® CIMA®

Jay Pluimer, AIF® CIMA®

Jay Pluimer brings over 25 years of experience working with Investment Committees and individual investors to Flourish Wealth Management. He has built a career focused on investment research, client conversations about investments, and building diversified portfolios to help clients accomplish their goals. As Director of Investments, Jay is passionate about the opportunity to deliver individualized investment solutions for our clients that help align their resources and goals.

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