Renee Jingyu Xu


Renee Jingyu Xu

Portfolio management ASSOCIATE

Renee joined the team with the opportunity to grow and develop a new position in the firm. As Portfolio Management Associate (PMA), Renee will support the Investment Team through client reporting, market research, manager due diligence, trading operations, and lead a variety of initiatives to enhance the technology and resources at Flourish. She has a strong background in Finance and building client relationships, which should be an excellent combination for the PMA role. She enjoys corporate finance and the opportunity to expand her knowledge by incorporating the evidence-based investment approach at Flourish. Renee is originally from China and moved to the United States to study Finance and Marketing at the University of Iowa. She continued to pursue her interest in Finance with a Masters Degree from Johns Hopkins University.

Renee has been discussing stocks and investment opportunities since a young age as that was a frequent topic of conversation for her family. She was motivated to broaden her approach to investments and financial planning after reading Flourish Financially by Kathy Longo. Renee has developed strong skills in building personal relationships from her time at Wells Fargo where she progressed from a Bank Teller to a Licensed Relationship Banker. Joining Flourish provided an opportunity to embrace a growth mindset in a refreshing environment where her personal contributions have a more significant impact.

Renee lives in Bloomington with her husband. In her free time, Renee enjoys biking, exploring good food, Formula One racing, and travel. 

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