Flourish Receives Prestigious National and State Recognition

RIA Rankings Data Awards Firms Achieving Fast Growth
By Kathy Longo, CFP®, CAP®, CDFA
Wednesday, 16 February 2022

Flourish Receives Prestigious National and State Recognition

We have some exciting news to share, and it wouldn’t be possible without each and every client who has chosen to put their trust in us on their journeys to financial and personal fulfillment., RIA Edge, and Discovery Data have published their Registered Investment Advisory firm rankings, and we are gratified to announce that Flourish Wealth Management has been recognized in two exciting areas: One of the fastest-growing Registered Investment Advisory (RIA) firms in Minnesota and One of the fastest-growing women-owned RIA firms in the country.

Avoid Investor Complacency

In periods of higher market volatility, like we’re experiencing now, it’s important for investors to avoid becoming complacent and to have plans in place for inevitable market dips.

Wednesday, 26 January 2022

In our last episode, we discussed expectations for 2022 - including higher volatility than we’ve seen in the last few years. We’re seeing it already, so this episode will delve further into why we expected this to happen. 

Expectations for 2022

We don’t believe in trying to time the markets, but using an evidence-based approach to make projections can help us understand what to expect in 2022.

Thursday, 06 January 2022

It’s a new year, and we’ve been busy evaluating market dynamics in order to make projections about what might happen next. 

Expert Tips on Marriage and Personal Finance

An Interview with MoneyGeek
Wednesday, 03 November 2021

Expert Tips on Marriage and Personal Finance

Many people promise their partners to love and to cherish one another for richer or for poorer. Yet many skip the financial part of the vows and avoid talking about money, leading to trouble in the relationship. A CNBC survey found 56% of divorced Americans said they never talked about their finances with family members.

Not talking about finances eventually leads to arguing about it. Multiple studies and surveys show arguing about money is strongly correlated to divorce. While the topic can feel taboo, discussing money can lead to a better marriage.

Because finances in marriage can make or break a relationship, MoneyGeek created a playbook for couples to take control of their shared finances and build a strong partnership for the future.

Add Value by Discussing Encore Careers With Clients

Start the conversation early and use tools that help identify their thoughts and feelings about work.
Monday, 01 November 2021

Add Value by Discussing Encore Careers With Clients

The Coronavirus crisis has been a turning point for many people, with 76% of Americans crediting the pandemic with forcing them to “refocus on what’s most important in life.” This sentiment holds true across age, gender, race/ethnicity, income and region of the country. One option that has long been enthusiastically embraced by some of our clients, and magnified by the pandemic, is to begin an “encore career.” It also presents a planning opportunity as we work with our clients.

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