We’ve seen a shrinking U.S. economy and declining economic activity, but are we in a recession?

Thursday, 11 August 2022

The U.S. economy shrank in the first two quarters of 2022, and we met the historical definition of a recession. However, there is an ongoing debate about whether we’re really in one. So, are we in a recession? Is there a soft landing somewhere in our future? Or are we occupying an in-between space at the moment? Tune in as we discuss all this and more.

Bear Hunting

We hit a stock market milestone in mid-June - and it wasn’t a particularly pleasant one for investors.

Monday, 27 June 2022

We hit a milestone in mid-June when the stock market settled into Bear Market territory by dropping over 20% from its highs. Though it wasn’t unexpected - or a market anomaly - it’s still painful for investors. In this episode, we will be discussing what brought us into Bear Territory, what it will take to recover, and what timelines might be involved.

Tech Wreck

We’re experiencing the third market decline of 2022, with tech stocks looking particularly bleak, but what does history say we can expect next?

Monday, 16 May 2022

Over the last few weeks, we’ve experienced perhaps the most significant market decline of 2022, and many investors see nothing but a bleak outlook ahead. Tech stocks, in particular, have taken a beating. However, analyzing statistics about drawdowns and looking to history as a guide is helpful in understanding why it’s happening - and why there’s still a great probability for positive returns in 2022.

Silver Linings

It’s time to stop doom-scrolling and to focus on the reasons investors should be optimistic for the near future instead.

Wednesday, 13 April 2022

The current economic environment is full of dark clouds, and it’s all too easy to focus only on the negative headlines. Although we’re in a tough place at the moment, investors should not lose hope for a better tomorrow. There is optimism for the future, and it’s based on the predictive power of the stock market.

The Next Recession

With all of the turmoil happening in the world at the moment, it’s no surprise that many people are worried about a significant downturn in the economy and in the markets.

Wednesday, 30 March 2022

Many analysts and economists have been confidently predicting that a recession is imminent in the United States. They cite factors like an inverting yield curve and sticky inflation with persistent supply chain issues. In this episode, we’ll summarize the various reasons people think a recession is imminent, and use historical evidence and trends to provide additional context.

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