Prediction Season

Wednesday, 21 December 2016

The close of each calendar year brings with it a chance to look forward to the year ahead.

By the end of each year investors are likely to be bombarded with predictions about what the future, and specifically the next year, may hold for their portfolios. These outlooks are typically accompanied by recommended investment strategies and actions that are aimed at trying to avoid the next crisis or missing out on the next “great” opportunity. When faced with recommendations of this sort, it would be wise to remember that investors are better served by sticking with a long-term plan rather than changing course in reaction to predictions and short-term calls.

The Active Passive Powerhouse

Thursday, 15 December 2016

Factor-based investing and the benefits of working with a financial advisor in the DFA network

For years it has been assumed that you have to be either an active or a passive investor. It is also assumed (depending on which camp you’re in) that one is better than the other. In our opinion, the argument about active vs passive management can be put squarely to bed--and the answer to which investing strategy we use is…Both. This is called factor-based investing and it is a strategy used by a company whose funds we use a great deal---Dimensional Fund Advisors (DFA).

April 2016 | Growth, Numbers and Communication

Wednesday, 13 April 2016


Welcome to Flourish InsightsTM for April. We hope you are having an enjoyable Spring. We are excited for the warmer temperatures and new growth both inside and out. Look for an announcement later this week as we continue to expand our expertise with growth in our team this month. This month's Flourish Insights™ explores communications in different aspects of our lives and the influence numbers can have on how we measure success. We hope you enjoy this information, and we will be in touch again soon with our exciting announcement.


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March 2016 | Renewal, Reflection and the Investment Planning Process

Wednesday, 09 March 2016


Spring is arriving a little early to Minneapolis this year, bringing fun and optimism as we start to embrace spending more time outside. We were fortunate to have a relatively short and mild winter this year but we have now officially entered the time of year for bike rides, walks, and re-connecting with neighbors. The changing of the seasons is a friendly reminder to take stock of a lot of things in life, happily (for me at least) saying farewell to winter while welcoming what's next. It's also an opportunity for the traditional Spring Cleaning which I seem to look forward to more than my kids who would almost prefer to do extra homework than try on summer clothes to see if anything from last year still fits their growing bodies. Spring is a great time of year to review your finances and prepare for the year ahead. It has also become an exciting time for our team as we prepare to celebrate the 2nd Anniversary of founding Flourish Wealth Management on April 16th. I n honor of the mixed themes of renewal and reflection, we are presenting a series of articles that should provide some additional perspective to the investment and planning process.


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February 2016 | Finding a balanced approach to life, planning and achieving your goals

Thursday, 04 February 2016


We all struggle to some extent with the daily balance between mental, physical, social, and financial health. There are a variety of ways we can embrace this balancing act with a proactive and healthy approach. Our goal at Flourish Wealth Management is to help clients achieve their long-term planning goals, and the strategies outlined in this issue of Flourish Insights provide information that is complementary to the dollars and cents we tend to focus on during meetings.


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