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Jay Pluimer Takes a Seat at the Kid's Table for a Good Cause

Meet the Passionate Duo Donning Orange Ties in the Fight for Early Childhood Education

Friday, 11 January 2019

Jay Pluimer Takes a Seat at the Kid's Table for a Good Cause

Jay Pluimer recently sat down at the kid's table to have a talk with YWCA Minneapolis about his work with Mike O'Keefe as co-chairs of YWCA giving circle. Jay's signature effort, Circle of Men, first formed to support the fundraising event Circle of Women, has recently expanded its efforts to help make high-quality Early Childhood Education more accessible to all through philanthropy and advocacy.

Discussing Finance With Family

Kathy Longo Shares Her Expertise With Barron's

Thursday, 10 January 2019

Discussing Finance With Family

Always an advocate for open conversations around money and financial planning Kathy Longo recently shared her expertise with Barron's for their article, How to Talk to Your Family About Money. 

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