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Kathy Longo, CFP®, CAP®, CDFA Friday, 15 July 2022

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Hello, Summer! I hope you enjoyed a safe and happy Independence Day and that your summer has brought some relaxation and time spent with those you care about.

I am very proud and humbled to share that I was named one of the top 100 financial advisors of 2022 by Investopedia, the third time they have awarded me, and I am the only financial advisor in Minnesota to receive the honor. It is my team who truly deserves the recognition because Flourish Wealth Management would not provide the same level of service without them.

Stephanie TemporitiI am also pleased to welcome the newest member of our growing team, Stephanie Temporiti. Stephanie is serving in the role of Wealth Manager as a continuation of her passion to help people understand their financial choices so they can make the best decisions possible for themselves and their families. As a team member based in St. Louis, she is thrilled to embrace the life-changing opportunity to join a team of like-minded advisors who are passionate about helping clients live their best life.

baby fenwickJoey Fenwick recently returned to work after having a couple of weeks to spend time with his family. He and his wife, Liz, welcomed a baby boy, Palmer Grey, on the 22nd of June at 1:51 am. Mom and baby remain healthy and are continuing to enjoy their time together at home. Palmer’s older brother (Emerson – 3) and sister (Kennedy – 2) have been giving their best efforts to care for the new addition, as well!

Finally, I am so proud and excited to celebrate two years of the Flourish Financially with Kathy Longo Podcast and the Flourish Insights Podcast. Jay and I are so grateful for our loyal listeners and we hope that people continue to enjoy the resources and information we share on the shows. If you haven’t had the chance to tune in, please subscribe and rate our podcast on Apple Podcasts, listen right on our website, or find us wherever you like to listen.

This quarter I am sharing an article we published last week discussing investor biases that can tend to hurt your portfolio if acted upon. It is during times of market volatility when having a financial advisor can help you separate yourself from your investments, and provide education and guidance to help you weather the storm and focus on your long-term financial goals.

We hope you find value in this quarter’s article and, right after that, you can read Jay Pluimer’s Market Commentary on the Second Quarter of 2022 and what may be on the horizon for the economy and the markets as we head into the second half of the year.


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Kathy Longo, CFP®, CAP®, CDFA

Kathy Longo, CFP®, CAP®, CDFA

Kathy Longo brings over 25 years of expertise and experience to Flourish Wealth Management. Kathy is wholly dedicated to improving the life of each client and finds joy in making complex matters simple and easy to understand. She excels at asking the right questions, uncovering new possibilities and implementing the most advantageous strategies for success. Playing such a pivotal role in her clients’ lives remains an honor and a privilege. After earning a degree in Financial Planning and Counseling from Purdue University, she began her career at a small firm in Palatine, Illinois where she worked directly with clients while learning to build a viable, client-centric business. Over the years, she gained extensive knowledge and wisdom working as a wealth manager, financial planner, firm manager and business owner at notable, various sized companies in both Chicago and Minneapolis.


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