Key Investment Concepts

Markets Work

Markets cannot be consistently outsmarted as they are generally efficient and new information is rapidly incorporated into the security prices. Markets may behave irrationally in the short run, but portfolios designed with a long-term strategy, focused on future goals, put the markets to work in the best interests of our clients.

Asset Allocation is Key

We help implement appropriate asset allocation customized to meet specific goals within each client’s timeframe. This will determine the vast majority of a portfolio’s return. Efforts to time the market by overweighting or underweighting asset classes are unlikely to add value over time, but our academic based strategies support long-term investment success.

Smart Diversification

Diversification works to both reduce risk and improve expected return, but this does not mean simply owning a little bit of everything. We understand the role of each asset in the portfolio and how it interacts in relation to other assets – both in calm markets and times of stress. It's important to understand the benefit of a long-term perspective and remain patient across market environments.

Manage Risk

How much risk is too much? How much is not enough? We will help you find the answers through asset allocation, smart diversification, and vigilant rebalancing to manage risk in line with your specific goals. 

Keep the Costs Low

Costs can come in many unexpected forms, including higher taxes and internal expenses with investment selections. This is especially true with active management strategies because these costs defray overall performance. Instead, our investment approach focuses on minimizing costs, maintaining fee transparency, and optimizing returns to more quickly meet client goals.

Tax Considerations

We minimize tax burdens by considering the cost basis of appreciated securities before recommending any changes. With calculated asset location strategies, appropriate investment options, and tax-loss harvesting, we help ensure maximization of after-tax returns.

Investment Management

Once we understand client aspirations and define the appropriate level of risk, we determine the best investment allocation to achieve those goals. This is a truly integrated approach.

While Wall Street and the majority of advisory firms continue to chase recent top-performing stocks or money managers, Flourish Wealth Management takes a more elevated approach. Our investment philosophy is based on Nobel Prize winning academic research that explains how markets really work and demonstrates how to invest in a smarter way. We construct portfolios based on years of academic study rather than the latest "sales idea.”

The result is greater portfolio return consistency, lower investment costs, and improved tax-efficiency relative to traditional active approaches.

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